— Else

When I was working with Vera I felt so much new stuff; my body was opening up to new sensations and new experiences every week. It was epic! To have this much of support, guidance and understanding has been so healing and fulfilling.

I met Vera again at the beginning of 2020 and I have been lucky enough to start online coaching sessions with her. I immediately felt a wonderful connection of trust and deep understanding with her.

I continued for some months and Vera guided me through an incredible journey of re-discovery of pure femininity. A journey that brought me to overcome past traumas and also to reconnect with self-love and confidence. Vera took me by the hand using her knowledge and wisdom and many different tools that very much resonate with me, such as breath work, meditation, visualisations, affirmations and more.

I feel so grateful for having had her as a guide, and after having tried several therapies in the past, I feel that her guidance was the best tool for me. Vera is extremely professional, sensitive, clear, comprehensive, empathic, and she always made me feel at ease without any judgement. This journey has for me been one of the most empowering experiences of my life. I absolutely recommend her.





Our second jade-egg session took an unexpected turn, but in the most beautiful and deep way. I was emotionally challenged and felt drained and sad. Vera caught my state of mind right away which made me feel very safe. The whole practice happened without the egg inside because that was where I was at. Instead we explored a stagnated and frozen energy in my solar plexus. While I was sitting with my eyes closed Vera guided me to feel into the fear I registered. No matter what I said, Vera caught it and guided me in the most beautiful way to move on.
It became the most beautiful healing experience where I met myself on a very deep level. I started by feeling sad, I moved through the experience with Vera's loving, deep and completely sharp guidance and ended up in an experience of joy and love.

I feel so deeply safe when I work with Vera. She can hold me, meet me and make me feel safe no matter what comes up. There's nothing that is too much, too crazy or too difficult for Vera. She listens, senses and asks laser sharp questions.

I have had my jade egg for a long time, but didn't know what to do with it. Now I really see that the jade egg practice can go so deep and be a tool to cleanse out blockages and fear so that sensuality, life force and my sexuality can flow freely and begin to blossom.

As an asexual (and perfectly happy with this identity), initially I wasn't sure how this kind of work could be helpful. Turns out, it was amazing - I made real breakthroughs in understanding parts of myself through working with Vera. She is a careful listener with a warm, generous spirit, and I felt fully respected even as she was challenging me.



— Alenka

The biggest takeaway from working with Vera is probably the ability to be with my feelings now. I can sit with them and be ok with it. I can evaluate them and have tools to shape them. Although it is not easy and it is a process. The seed has been planted.
It was nice to be able to show the true me. I didn´t have to overthink what I was going to say or do. This deepened with every session. And I can see that it is now easier for me to speak up "in the real world". This is probably the biggest transformation that I see right now. Vera was always very caring, understanding and non-judgemental. Every session had something good to offer and I am thankful for that.


— Lea

I am very grateful for having been guided by Vera on my feminine journey. Our sessions opened the door for me to explore my emotions, my sexuality, my boundaries and desires much more deeply.

I sense that this is a beginning of an exciting, never-ending explorative journey to freedom and integrity, and I thank Vera for an amazing kick-off! She is such an inspiration, source of support, acceptance and guidance in any life situation you are in.

You are going to thank yourself for signing up.

Working with Vera
has given me ...

Insights into what it takes for me to feel sexy and attractive. She taught me exercises that helped bring this out, and I can use them when I am alone or with a partner.

Tools and courage to explore my own sexuality, masturbation included, in a safe and trustful way which has resulted in good sexual experiences.

Courage and confidence to express what I want during sex with partners- and hereby have more focus on my own pleasure instead of almost only focusing on my partner's.

Insight about how important it is to take time to focus on exploring oneself sexually, and for me it was important to set time aside for this.

The accountability with Vera resulted in me actually getting this done to a much higher degree than I would have if if I didn't have someone to keep me accountable.




If you feel lost, stuck, don't have any passion in yourself and your life and don't know where to start, I highly recommend having a session with Vera! She is absolutely amazing! I am so blessed and grateful to the Universe to have come across her.

During our sessions she gave so much compassion and love, I felt safe and honoured every time. She held so much space for me to unravel my issues and deep wounds in. Her guidance during meditation has helped me immensely to connect to all the parts that needed healing, attention and love. I never felt rushed or judged.

From the first session I felt as if I was talking to an old friend who allowed me to speak, who listened attentively and offered so much valuable advice and support, even in-between sessions. She shared many helpful techniques and exercises and her only request is that you practice them as much as you can as that is ultimately up to you.

In the end, it is up to us to heal ourselves, but it is always a wise idea to have a coach to help you on your journey and Vera is a wonderful coach, a beautiful human being and a magical soul.

Vera is exactly what I needed to get me through an incredibly low season of my life. I was feeling disconnected from my body, feeling dissatisfied in my sex life and my relationship was falling apart. Vera was there to guide me back into my body. To connection, to feeling, to acceptance and love for myself.


I worked with Vera for 9 sessions over 4 months.
I grew to love our time focusing on my body and my innate sexuality. She helped me to think about my pleasure and relationship with my sexual/physical body, in a much wider and more fulfilling way than just masturbation. Some of the conversations and practices felt quite new and I had to be open minded to being in a new kind and to engaging with my body in an unfamiliar way - but I learnt to relish these spaces which allowed me to think about and explore my body and sexuality in a new and explorative way.

Vera gave me some homework exercises that were really exciting to try out and build into my self-pleasure routine.  She encouraged me to continue prioritising self-pleasure even since I have entered into a new relationship with a partner, and to set aside time to keep up a relationship with my own body. This has felt extremely healthy and positive.

She helped me explore a big question related to my body and identity: it continues to be a journey that I am exploring, and she gave me tools and ideas to explore this questions, and helped me to take a new angle to it, so that i no longer see it as a yes/no question but multiple possibilities to try out.

Sessions with Vera are safe, supportive and non judgemental. I find her gentle to work with while empowering. I would certainly recommend working with Vera to any woman wanting to explore something specific about their sexuality,  or to (re)engage with their sexuality and go deeper into their relationship with their bodies and themselves.



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